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Wahl Complete & Mortar Travelers 0.5oz each Wahl No Sting 8fl oz. Pore Closing After Shave Wahl Blade Ice 14oz.
• Wahl Complete 0.5oz.
• Wahl Mortar 0.5oz.
Wahl No Sting 8fl oz. Pore Closing After Shave Wahl Blade Ice is spray blade coolant, lubricant, and cleaner.
Wahl Universal Clipper Combs #3160-100 Wahl Control 8fl oz. All-In-One Conditioner, Grooming & Shaving Cream Wahl Complete 20fl oz. All-Over Shampoo & Wash
4 Clipper combs from #1-#4 that fit any Wahl Clipper. Wahl Control 8fl oz. All-In-One Conditioner, Grooming & Shaving Cream Wahl Complete 20fl oz. All-Over Shampoo & Wash for hair, body & face.
Wahl Mortar 4oz. For Hair With Attitude Wahl Color Coded Cutting Guide #3170-400 Wahl Educational DVD
For Hair With Attitude. Eight colored guides in a black caddy; guides range from 1/8" to 1". Includes classes on:
• Bridging the Gap - Learn to become a barber stylist
• Clipper Essentials - Clipper basics
• The Finishing Touch - Facial design & outline balance
• Get Out of Your Head - Clipper techniques for medium and long hair
• The Tattoo Artist - Designs for the hair
• Get Your Hands on Your Man - Business man’s haircut
Wahl Pre-Pack Full Sized Bottles Wahl 5 Star G Whiz Trimmer Wahl Taper 2000 Adjustable-Cut Clipper (Model #8472-700)
Wahl Pre-Pack Full Sized Bottles - Try the whole product line & get a stylish travel bag included! Features:
• Includes: 3 Varying-sized guide combs
• Cuts like an ultra-close trimmer
• Battery-operated trimmer
• Sharp look & close cutting ability
• Adjustable t-blade can be set to zero overlap
• Can be worn around your neck
Vibrating clipper with a powerful, cool running motor. Includes 4 clipper attachments, flat top comb, cleaning brush, oil and blade guard. Available in Black, Lime Green and Blue.
Wahl 5 Star Cordless Tattoo Trimmer (Model #8242) Wahl Five Star Hero (#8991) Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper (Model #8110)
• Includes: 1 Magic clipper, 1 Razor
• Cordless & rechargeable
• Exclusive tattoo thin blade for ultimate fine-line trimming
• Lightweight
• Create any design with ease
The Wahl Five Star Hero is a compact professional miniature corded
t-blade trimmer with ergonomic design. A unique Pro-Set Tool helps you
adjust precisely to zero-overlap.
Vibrating clipper with high-precision, V5000 motor; zero overlap surgical blades. Includes 2 clipper attachments, barber comb, pre-shave brush, blade guard, oil and cleaning brush.
Wahl Classic Peanut Clipper/Trimmer (Model #8685) Wahl Peanut Student Kit (Model #8655-600) Wahl Designer Clipper (Model #8355-400)
• Includes: 4 cutting guides (1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” & 1/2”), red blade guard, oil, cleaning brush & operating instructions
• Measures 4” long
• Weighs 4 ounces
Includes peanut clipper & trimmer. Comes with 4 clipper attachments, flat-top comb, taper comb, clipper oil, cleaning brush and blade guard. All purpose professional vibrating clipper with adjustable, high-precision blades. This clipper comes with 6 attachments, flat top comb, cleaning brush, oil and blade guard.
Wahl Super Taper Clipper (Model #8400) Wahl Five Star Detailer (#8290) Wahl All Star Detailer (Model #8290)
• Includes: 8 Color coded cutting guides, 3 attachment combs, cleaning brush, instructions, oil & red blade guard
• High precision blades
• Variable taper & texture
• Powerful cool running motor
The Wahl Five Star Detailer Powerful corded trimmer with AC rotary motor; t-blade adjusts to zero-overlap for precise trimming. Includes 3 trimmer attachments, red blade guard, oil, black storage case, cleaning brush and Pro Set Tool to perfectly align blades every time.
Wahl Sterling 4 Versatile Clipper (Model #8700) Wahl Pilot Clipper (Model #8483) Wahl Icon Clipper (Model #8490-900)
Powerful V-5000 Shunt motor; taper lever allows for custom cutting lengths. Includes 6 clipper attachments. Features:
• Includes: 8 attachment combs, oil, cleaning brush, Instructions & red blade protector
• Powerful rotary motor
• Adjustable taper lever
• Half-sized clipper
• Lightweight
This clipper has the ultimate power, 40% more cutting power and cooler running temperature. The icon features high quality chrome plated blades; a taper lever of 1-3.5mm and a stylish 3-piece lid. comes with 8 cutting guides, cleaning brush, blade guard, styling comb and oil.
Wahl Super Taper II Clipper (Model #8470-500) Wahl 5-Star Shaver #8061 Wahl Essentials Professional Clipper & Trimmer Combo (Model #8329)
Powerful V5000 motor clipper with taper lever and high-precision blades. Comes with oil, cleaning brush, blade guard, flat top comb and 8 color coded comb attachments. Cord/cordless shaver with a special angled head and gold hypoallergenic foil that shaves close. Includes AC trimmer (#8040) and taper (#8472). Set comes with 6 clipper attachments, cleaning brush and oil.
Wahl Unicord Combo (Model #8242) Wahl Reflections Senior Clipper (Model #8501) Wahl All-Star Combo Designer & Peanut Set (Model #8331)
• Includes: 1 Magic clipper, 1 Razor/ Edger trimmer, each containing zero-gap blades; 8 cutting guides, 3 trimming guides, styling comb oil, cleaning brush, operating instructions & red blade guard
• 1 Cord for 2 units
• Clipper has a blade lever to adjust tapering & texturing
• Trimmer has a power adjust dial & close-cutting blade to shave, or trim beards using the blade guides
High carbon steel blades; super-charged V9000 motor. Includes clipper, 6 cutting guides, oil, cleaning brush and blade guard. Includes designer clipper (#8355-400). Set includes 6 attachments, peanut clipper (#8685), 4 trimmer attachments and snap on/off blade.